Set of the traveler: Simple


All of the traveler:

Based on an adventure with his equipment travel, he entered a dark night of March. Having no fixed destination, it was that wander in search of new discoveries. Her journey led to many pitfalls that he had to raise brilliantly. Wearing his cunning and his dagger, he could get anything imaginable. Camping night on the edge of a little busy road, the other night in a smoky Inn. He eventually found what he wanted with a story to tell.

Perfect for all types of characters, all of the traveler is a great starting point for a new character or even a person seeking renewal. With its convenience, forget to bring your blanket on cold nights. Made to be shipped, all securely attaches to the cover with an adjustable shoulder strap. It will allow you to bring it anywhere. The dagger and scabbard as easy to slip into your belt. Finally, the small skillet will serve you in timely to knock out a little suspicious enemy thinking of you disarmed.

The set includes:

Cook skillet with strap: $ 34.99 (
Dagger of the traveler: $ 49.99 (
Cover of traveler harness with adjustable shoulder strap: $ 64.99 (
Sheath for dagger: $ 14.99

Total value: $ 164.95

Note: Chef skillet as well as the traveler dagger are made of foam. They are not metal, they are made to the Nature (Larp) sizes.

If the quantity you want is not available on our etsy page, please contact us to let know us and we will tell you the time we need to produce. Similarly, if you want a different color than those available, you have to write us your order (10% fee for the made a special color will be charged). Contact us, you can email, etsy or our Facebook ( address forge.du.gobelin [!at]

Some products of this combo are made of Foam and may have a fiberglass core. It's a props for Live action roleplaying game.
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